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If you have a hole in your wall here is a quick way to patch it. Assuming there is nothing in the hole to secure a fastener this technique works great. First cut the hole so that it is square. Now measure the width and the height and add 3 inches to each measurement. Cut a piece of drywall(sheetrock) to those extended dimensions. Now on the back side measure 1 1/2 inches from all sides. Make 4 lines and score the drywall(sheetrock) with a sharp utility knife. Gently snap the four outside pieces. Carefully peel the four outside pieces from the face of the drywall(sheetrock). You should now have a patch with built in joint tape. Test fit the patch in the hole and trim if needed. Once the patch is ready to install smear a thin layer of joint compound around the perimeter of the hole. Insert the patch and use a taping knife to squeeze out the excess taping compound. Allow to dry and add thin top coats of drywall topping to blend into the surrounding wall. Finally sand and paint.

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