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One of the biggest deal breakers in a real estate transaction is a leaky or wet basement. Potential buyers do not want a home whose basement turns into an indoor swimming pool when it rains or when snow melts in the spring. If a seller is not in a position to negotiate a lower selling price to have the water problem resolved. Then another solution would be to waterproof the basement themselves. Often times a combination of proper gutters and sloping landscape resolves the problem. But if that only decreases the level of the pond then another stage of the process needs to be implemented. First determine if the water is coming from the base of the foundation and/or the floor. If so, then here is a solution that I found to be very effective. Step 1: Find a young man with a strong back to operate a jackhammer. Step 2: Go to your local rental store and rent an appropriate jackhammer. Step 3: Hammer out an 8 to 12 inch wide trough around the inside perimeter of the basement approximately 10 inches deep. Step 4: Lay down in the trench a 4 inch slotted drain tile. Step 5: Dig a hole in a location as close to a drain pipe as possible for the sump pump crock. Step 6: Install the crock deep enough so that the top of the crock is level with the basement floor. Step 7: Cover the drain tile with peastone leaving it about 4 inches from the top of the basement floor. Step 8: Cover the peastone with thick plastic and about 4 inches of concrete. Step 9: Install the sump pump and plumbing into the appropriate drain. Step 10: Run a separate electrical outlet with a GFCI receptacle. This process should eliminate a seller's water problem but is not guaranteed. It is suggested that you seek the advice of a professional.

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