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Who are we?

Since the early seventies we have been in the real estate business - initially as landlords utilizing our remodeling and maintenance experience.  And then our services were honed by working for numerous customers in our area who needed major or minor repairs.  With each new project we were able to learn more of how to repair most anything trade related. As landlords we realized the value of being frugal about budgeting for repairs.

Why should you hire us?

First and foremost we have the right experience. Secondly, our pride in the quality of the work we do is unsurpassed. All associates of our team have to hold themselves to the same standards. As president of the corporation I will not tolerate shoddy workmanship and oversee every project to make sure it is done right. I will strive to do the best job for the least amount of money for you.  We work diligently to stay on the time line to complete each and every project. Rest assured we can do it all, within your budget and time frame.

    Some examples of the services we offer are:

  • Winterizing vacant or vacation properties
  • Cosmetic repairs to make a home more attractive for resale
  • Common handiman tasks such as plumbing repairs, siding fixup, roofing repair, etc.
  • And much more

Call or email me for further information. I will personally oversee all projects.

Contact Info
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